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The Incredible String Band – God’s Holiday (7 CD’s Bootleg) (1963-1974) [MP3]

The Incredible String Band – God’s Holiday (7 CD’s Bootleg) (1963-1974) [MP3]

Genre: Psychedelic, Folk, Rock
Country: UK
Year: 1963-1974
Audio Codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Bitrate: 128-320 kbps
Length: 8:08
CD 01 – The Past and the Future and Similar Tenses
1. Jazz Bo’s Holiday
2. Intro From Mike And Robin
3. Way Back In The 1960’s
4. Perfumed Garden/Chinese White
5. Painting Box
6. Mercy I Cry City
7. Chinese White
8. Nightfall
9. Three Is A Green Crown
10. Geordie
11. See All The People
12. Won’t You Come See Me
13. You Get Brighter
14. All Too Much For Me
15. Ducks On A Pond
16. I Bid You Goodnight
17. Intro
18. The Half Remarkable Question
19. Intro
20. Painting Box
21. Noah And The Dove
22. Mercy I Cry City (partial version)
23. Hendrix-Manitas de Platas Comparison
24. Three Is A Green Crown
25. The Head

1 Edinburgh Folk Festival Vol. 1 LP (Decca LK4546)
2 Be Glad For The Song Has No Ending Film
3 Promo Single (Elektra EKSN 45013)
4 John Peel on Radio London with Promo Single (Elektra EKSN 45013)
5-8 Pete Drummond & Tommy Vance ‘Top Gear’, 10.Oct.67 (Broadcast 15.Oct.67), BBC Radio One
9-11 Julie Felix ‘Once More With Felix’, 03.Feb.68, BBC 2 television Broadcast
12-16 John Peel’s ‘Nightride’, 4.Mar.68 (Broadcast 6.Mar.68), BBC Radio One
17-20 Julie Felix ‘Once More With Felix’, 23.Mar.68, BBC 2 television Broadcast
21-25 Royal Festival Hall, London, 30.Mar.68, Be Glad For The Song Has No Ending Film

CD 02 – Exchanging Love Tokens
1. The Head
2. Douglas Traherne Harding
3. Radio Announcement
4. See All The People
5. Tuning
6. You Get Brighter
7. Tuning
8. Maya
9. Intro
10. Waltz Of The New Moon
11. Tuning
12. You Get Brighter
13. A Very Cellular Song

1-8 Bob Fass ‘Radio Unnamable’ WBAI Studios, New York, 13.May.68, Live broadcast WBAI Radio, NYC
9-13 Fillmore East, New York, 5.June.68 (Broadcast June 1969), Benefit Concert for WBAI Radio, NYC

CD 03 – Fiddlehead Ferns and Daffodils
1. Radio Announcement And Tuning
2. October Song
3. Setup
4. Bell Ringing
5. Tuning
6. The Pig Went Walking Over The Hill
7. See All The People
8. Swift As The Wind (cut)
9. Play Music (cuts)
10. Ducks On A Pond
11. Tuning
12. Puppies
13. Tuning
14. Chinese White
15. Tuning
16. Maya
17. The Iron Stone

1-16 Fillmore East, New York, 5.Jun.68 (Broadcast June 1969), Benefit Concert for WBAI Radio, NYC
17 Live In The Studio Recording, Sound Techniques, Chelsea, Early 1969, Be Glad For The Song Has No Ending Film

CD 04 – A Very Small Door
1. All Writ Down
2. Dust Be Diamonds
3. Theta
4. Fine Fingered Hand
5. All Writ Down
6. Fine Fingered Hand
7. Maya
8. Dust Be Diamonds
9. The Letter
10. Come With Me
11. This Moment

1-4 John Peel’s ‘Nightride’, 5.Feb.69 (Broadcast 5.Mar.69), BBC Radio One
5,6 Julie Felix ‘Once More With Felix’, 15.Feb.69, BBC 2 television broadcast
7-11 Ludlow’s Garage, Cincinnati, May ‘69, Soundboard recording
CD 05 – Love of Love is Very Huge
1. Black Jack Davy
2. The Letter
3. This Moment
4. Gather Round
5. Waiting For You
6. Invocation (partial version)
7. The Letter
8. This Moment (partial version)
9. When You Find Out Who You Are
10. Intro
11. Waiting For You
12. Black Jack David
13. Flowers Of The Forest
14. Beautiful Stranger
15. Won’t You Come See Me
16. Dark Eyed Lady
17. Empty Pocket Blues

1-5 John Peel’s ‘Nightride’, 5.Aug.69 (Broadcast 24.Aug.69), BBC Radio One
6-9 Woodstock Festival, Bethel, NY, 15.Aug.69, Woodstock Film outtakes/Audience video tape
10-12 Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, TX, 31.Aug.69, Texas Pop bootleg soundboard recording
13-17 John Peel’s ‘Top Gear’, 20.Jul.70 (Broadcast 25.Jul.70), BBC Radio One

CD 06 – Peacocks in the First, Kokilas in the Fifth
1. Everything’s Fine Right Now
2. Jigs (Coleman’s Fancy/Rakish Paddy/The Wayward Fox/Johnny Grey)
3. Won’t You Come See Me
4. Raga Puti
5. Ring Dance
6. The Circle Is Unbroken
7. Raga Puti
8. Everything’s Fine Right Now
9. Long Long Road
10. Everything’s Fine Right Now
11. Intro
12. Black Jack Davy
13. Tuning
14. Won’t You Come See Me
15. Jigs (Coleman’s Fancy/Rakish Paddy/The Wayward Fox/Johnny Grey)
16. Intro
17. Flowers Of The Forest
18. Cold Harbour
19. Tuning
20. Long Long Road
21. Lady Wonder

1-5 Stuart Henry’s ‘Sounds Of The Seventies’, 17.Sep.70 (Broadcast 24.Sep.70), BBC Radio One
6-9 John Peel’s ‘Top Gear’, 6.Oct.70 (Broadcast 9.Jan.71), BBC Radio One
10 Beat-Club, German TV, 24.Oct.70, Radio Bremen TV broadcast
11-21 Pacific High Studios, San Francisco, 15.Feb.71, Live simulcast KPFA, KPFB Radio, Berkeley; KSFX Radio, San Francisco, CA

CD 07 – The Sun in the Pale Silence
1. Intro
2. Bright Morning Stars
3. Intro
4. Worlds They Rise And Fall
5. Intro
6. Jigs (Sunday Is My Wedding Day/Drops Of Whisky/Grumbling Old Men/Eyes Like Leaves)
7. Intro
8. Spirit Beautiful
9. Intro
10. Willow Pattern
11. Intro
12. Cosmic Boy
13. Intro
14. Turquoise Blue
15. Intro
16. Whistle Tune
17. Intro
18. Darling Belle
19. Intro
20. Adam And Eve
21. Intro
22. You’ve Been A Friend To Me

1-22 Paris Theatre, London 18.Mar.71, BBC Radio One In Concert

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